What do I need to do for my template appointment?

What is templating?

A template is an exact replica of the required worktops. Accurate measurements of the kitchen units, cut outs for hobs and sinks and the size of overhang required. This is then used to manufacture the granite or quartz worktops ensuring a precise and accurate cutting of the product for a perfect work surface installation.

Kitchen Survey

Site surveys are usually carried out on the day of template, to make sure your units are strong enough and level, to take the weight of the granite or quartz. We will also check access, to make sure the pieces we cut actually can fit through into your house.

For an accurate site survey or ‘templating’ to take place, your base units should be securely installed and un-moveable. You can contact us before your units have been installed and we can arrange templating or a survey to take place the day after your units are installed.